Thursday, September 27, 2007

Golden Raspberries (How's that for a straightforward title? :-/)

No, I'm not referring to the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation. (I'm very curious why they chose a Golden Raspberry for their Google? either way.)
I really do mean Golden Raspberries!
Behold their golden goodness!

I never knew there was such a thing as a golden raspberry until I stumbled across a recipe for Golden Raspberry Tartlets in a cookbook the other day. Intrigued by their unusual colour (well, unusual to me at least, since I'm used to raspberries being red or purple), I searched the web for more information on these golden beauties. I learned that the Fall Gold variety (which is pictured above) is the result of crosses between a Korean wild berry, the Fall Red raspberry, and the red Taylor raspberry. (Gah! I have been living a berry ignorant life! [no pun intended]. I never knew there were different types of red raspberries, let alone raspberries that aren't even red! So much to learn!) I have yet to taste a golden raspberry, but I hear that they're available from May through October, so hopefully I will be able to hunt some down.
Off to Gelsons! Or Whole Foods. Or the Farmer's Market. Or all three..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Farewell, Dearest Hershey

Because I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux, I've had to alter my diet and cut out items--including spaghetti sauce and chocolate--that incur the acidy-wrath of stomachdom . I don't mind not being able to eat spaghetti sauce as much as chocolate, since chocolate is..well..chocolate! And who doesn't like chocolate? Yet interestingly enough, life without chocolate hasn't been all that bad, and I am now forced search out non-chocolatey alternatives. Hence, I have converted from chocolate ganache to vanilla buttercream, chocolate mochi to green tea mochi, and from brownies to blondies. (I don't know about Oreos yet, though. There's something about an Oreo that makes it an Oreo, and nothing--not even those "vanilla oreos", can take replace it.) I found a recipe for Butterscotch Blondies that I'm planning on trying this afternoon. If they turn out, I'll let you know.
Then again, if they don't turn out, you'll probably hear about it anyways. :-P

Happy Hobbes-ing/Montesquieu-ing!