Saturday, March 10, 2007

I've Returned!

Considering I was never very good with anything "bloggish" or "computerish" or "technology-ish", it's not very surprising that I managed to lock myself out of my blog for a while. (Mainly because I forgot that I had to sign in using G-Mail and I didn't even know I had a g-mail account, ect., ect.) But after some poking around, I realized my errors and am now able to access my blog again! So hopefully posting shall resume next week.
There really isn't anything interesting for me to say today (not that anything else I say is very interesting anyways), except that my birthday is on Monday..... ;-) So you may shower me with tart tins and baking pans and mixing bowls and...ermmm anyways. (Actually, that sounds rather painful. So you needn't shower me, just leave them in lovely little packages on my doorstep :-P) 'Tis all for today!
Au revoir!