Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You know Spring is near...

...when you can hear the birdies twittering away at 11:04 P.M.
Twitter on, dear birdies.
Continue your lovely lullabies!

I hope you find some big, juicy worms.

Monday, February 25, 2008

P is for Pasta!

Pooh for silly, rambly, emo-istic blogposts.
Do different shapes of pasta taste different? I don't know very much about pasta, or even what it's made of, but I've always wondered why there are so many different pasta-shapes. Perhaps it has something to do with what each kind is used for, such as lasagna or macaroni and cheese (mmm...oooey-gooey-cheese-filled-elbows).
I'm very glad that the creative-pasta-shape-inspired folks have developed numerous ways to make and shape pasta.
I love pasta.

Hurrah for pasta!
Hurrah for orecchiette!
Hurrah for orecchiette with broccoli!
Hurrah for olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and pesto.

Food is very wonderful.
Sleep is very wonderful.
This blog is not so wonderful.

Good night!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


After a whole year of squeaking through the first movement of Bruch's violin concerto, I finally had an "Ah-HA!" moment this afternoon and the piece came together for the very first time. I am not entirely sure what made it "come together", or what I mean by "come together", since I most certainly did not play it perfectly. Perhaps it was easier to play? Maybe I could concentrate less on trying to hit the notes and more on expressing them? While I was (miraculously) charging through the double stops, I kept thinking to myself: "This is Bruch! This is music! This makes me feel funny inside!"

And then I broke two bow-hairs.


It was very exciting.
All of it! (Bow-hair breakage included)
So that leaves me wondering: What does it mean to play music? What causes that moment of "Ah-HA!" ?

And what is the Divine and Supernatural Light, eh?