Friday, December 21, 2007

Hurrah for the Holidays!

We made it, friends! School has been whirlwinding ever since Thanksgiving, but it's finally settled down for the Holidays. Or perhaps it only seems to have died down because I've decided to ignore term paper and Tocqueville for a little while (ie: since school let out yesterday and until tomorrow morning). However, I'm very, very grateful for a break (from classes at least). Goose needs to rest. A little reading, a little writing, some practice (must catch up! But hurrah for music), and perhaps time to paint, play, bake or do pleasant household things. It's also a good time to finally finish A Severe Mercy and The Wind in the Willows.
Speaking of wind in the willows..
or more like "winter causing leaves to fall off ginkgo trees"?...
...Maybe not.

We have ginkgo trees lining our neighbourhood. Alas, a petition has gone out to have them all removed because of their smelly fruits (female trees) and excessive leave droppage.
I rather enjoy the leaves, all scattered about the sidewalk like little yellow faeries. However, I don't have to rake up the leaves or deal with smelly, sticky fruits since there are no ginkgo trees directly in front of my house.

Good bye, Ginkgoes!
Hullo Mr. Penguin!I stopped by Starbucks before class yesterday to find something for my tutor. Not only did I find something for him, but I also found this charming little fellow for myself. Unfortunately..erm..the charming fellow more? White good...

Let's move on, shall we?

*cue twilight zone music*

'Tis only Murphy!

Have a wonderful Holiday!